The days of plugging a wire into the wall and connecting to an exchange are gone for today’s modern businesses.
Operating a phone system that can be logged in to wherever you are rather than plugged into a single location makes your communications truly mobile.
Working remotely, away from home, the office or globally, needs a communication system to move with you.

The system you need

We can create a system that matches your business needs so that communication is available at all times, wherever you are in the world.
It will even work if there is a system failure elsewhere in your business – because it’s in the cloud and unaffected by power cuts and cabling.

In the cloud

Your switchboard is remote, calls are diverted to where you need them, your answerphone will find you, messages will get to you and the caller will have no impact on quality.
The calls will get through, the line will be clear and they will feel like they’re on the old system – because the cloud offers all of the original features and more.

Talk to us to take your phones out of the wall and into the cloud. It’s not as tricky or costly as you may think.

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